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With as little as 400 square feet of southern exposure you could be enjoying the benefits of solar energy. provides the best in solar

Homeowners, Businesses and Governments are Embracing Solar Energy. Here's Why!

Many people believe the explosive growth of solar is because these systems generate clean energy and are a solution to global warming. While true, more and more governments are recognizing the many other benefits that solar energy systems provide, and are creating incentives to assist taxpayers in switching to solar.

Solar costs less than electricity from your utility

Why pay more for the electricity you need? The cost of electricity produced by solar is actually less than the electricity you buy from your utility-especially considering how much electric rates are going to continue increasing.

It's an investment in your home

Not only does it cost less, but with the Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC), you can pay for your system quickly and then make money! Plus, right now you can take advantage of generous state and federal incentives to make sure solar is cost effective for you.

Additionally, new home buyers will have a lower energy bill than a comparable home without solar so the resale value of your home may increase.

Solar lessens our dependence on fossil fuels

The cost of extracting the fossil fuels to power America is going up considerably. When environmental, transportation, exploration, and political factors are accounted for, electricity from solar energy systems is a more sustainable way to grow our economy and lessen our dependence on other energy-rich nations.

Solar is a more efficient way to power our nation

With solar power being produced by the end users, less investment required into the utility's transmission and distribution grid (which is aging considerably and in desperate need of upgrades) as well as into peaking power plants. The more solar power systems deployed across the grid, the less investment is needed into those ugly power lines and polluting electric generation stations.